class note

You Are Here: Art After the Internet – Omar Kholeif

electronic superhighway

bonjour monsieur courbet

art in the age of the internet – Eva Respini

Frank Benson


nicolas poussian


Sleeping Hermaphroditus

barry x ball


jeffrey shaw

the golden calf (sorta AR in 1994?)

newer version 2019?


the legible city (1988-91)


H5 – a french design company – influenced by art

the child – motion graphic music video


tabor robak

20xx – tabor robak (2013)

^ a world of video games

the ideal city (painting)

3 paintings in italy, baltimore, berlin

Ambrogio Lorenzetti (过去的透视) (more like video game?)(perspective)

the ideal city是一点透视


thomas garnier – Cenotaphes (2018)

a never finished building

Cenotaph 衣冠冢

planetary folklore


Julien Prévieux

Anomalies construites

digital labor


mechanical turk


where mechanical turk came from??

the turk


robotlab – bios [bible]



paul sharits


rafael rozendaal

hexatack rozendaal


anechoic chamber


Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories



Ryoji Ikeda – Transfinite


Anne-James Chaton

Alva Noto


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer



immersion + interactivity

maurice benayounworld skin (1997)

photo safari

framing > taking pictures > wipe out the image > freezing / burning the world

re-materialization (cnc, fablab)


video game

realtime 3d

john gerrardfarm(pryor creek, oklahoma) (2015)


olivier ratsionion skin (2013)

projection mapping



pablo valbuenaAugmented sculpture

subtle, smaller scale


the hague

larger scale mapping



unity realtime 3d engine self generated corridor

on realtime for real

there’s no goal. you just walk.


thibault brunet

the content of photography but never use a camera – post-photography

makes portraits inside the games

^ the black spot/hole in the center of the ‘world’ is the consequence of the technology/practice让他想起Louis Daguerre – daguerreotype On the Rue du 


^manifesto^ (dogma95 in new era)

manifesto CCTV -faceless


the idea of to feel you’re looked at (being/under watch)


trevor pagienlimit telephotography

Gerhard Richter photography + painting

Heather Dewey-HagborgStranger Visions

bio art 这个好。 collect dna recreating the face 很contemporary,personal data, info, more than image的那种, what do we take care & what do we dont take care.



the green rabit (?)

peter gena


matt pyke

universal everything

Walking City


cindy sherman vs amalia ulman


takayuki todoSEER (2018)

Uncanny valley lol


jack sacha

francis alys – children’s games (1999-2019)


richi owakithe other in you (2017)

vr in virtual art ++ choreography


Kit Galloway & Sherrie Rabinowitz – hole in space

realtime performing boardcast in ny 1980



cybernetic serendipity

1st exhibition about art + tech

kinetic installation, robot,

rediscover the possibility of using wires.

50yrs later

New Order – MoMA


ORLAN, La Libere et deux – ORLAN-Corps en ecorchees, 2013


Jacques perconteL’ecume du phare, 2016

generative art work, flexible dimension, infinite loop

glitch art vs nature wave

Experiential film


video projection

Carolien Teunisse & Bram Snijders, RE:; 2010

reinforce the idea of closed circuit

the video projectore itself as the screen

using the mirror to project on itself

real loop in realtime


LAb[au], Signal to noise, 2012


Zimoun, prepared dc-motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 0x70x70cm, 2017

sound + kinetic art


clement valla, postcards from google earth

the blue marble (人类觉得自己渺小的时刻)


stefan tiefengraber, user generated server destruction, 2013


emilie brout & maxime marion, bliss (la colline verdoyante), 2013

Lenticular printing

andy warhol raining machine (1st american artist to use lenticular printing)


gregory chatonsky, perfect skin 2, 2015


lizzie fitch & ryan trecartin, the re’search (re’search wait’s), 2009-2010


Cory Arcangel

conceptual art + pop

杜尚+沃霍尔 lol


Man with a Movie Camera – Dziga Vertov

global remake

Perry Bard


Sun Yuan and Peng Yu: Can’t Help Myself


casey reas

LIA -software art / generative art

Zach Lieberman


art and technology program – maurice tuchman

Billy kluver robert rauschenberg – eat




wooden mirror – daniel rozin

rust mirror

interactive . generitive art


antoine schmittle pixel blanc

garhard richter + steve reich

moving picture – generative image + music performance

Hans-Ulrich Obrist (curator / advisor)

garhard richter – stripes

garhard richter – 1024 colour


josh kline – skittles /

marketing /merchandise/ art


seth price – bombers


tony cragg


thomas ruff (cyberchrome technique



jeff wall

cindy sherman

andreas gursky (digital photography


man ray 杜尚的朋友fosi –

dust breeding ^小杜起的名字


Man Ray’s rayographs[edit]

Photograms were used in the 20th century by a number of photographers, particularly Man Ray, who called them “rayographs”. His style capitalised on the stark and unexpected effects of negative imaging, unusual juxtapositions of identifiable objects (such as spoons and pearl necklaces), variations in the exposure time given to different objects within a single image, and moving objects as the sensitive materials were being exposed. Contemporary artists who are widely known for using photograms are Adam FussSusan Derges and Christian Marclay.


louise bourgeois holographic

Pepper’s ghost

80年代很骚 century of light


cory arcangel – timeless standards (2010-2012)


Frances Stark


#post-internet generation

#social media


jeron braxton

BlowFactory & Aaron Martinez

Alexandre Louvena – Jamir at Home “Cereal”


Yoann Hervo

Colin Toupé

Julian Glander

steve cutts

Claudia Hart


Signal Tide

Kata Kovács

Tom O’Doherty

LACMA art+tech openminded museum

Takisperpetual motion

magnetic manifesto


e la nave va – fellini – vogue


sewing machine orchestra –

martin messier –

layers of repetitions

sound performance三四十分钟差不多lol


nicolas bernier –


Anne-Marie Duguet


nam june paik random access


35mm projector + smoke

Anthony McCall – Line Describing a Cone (1973)


digital art without electricity


Thomas Wilfred


the dream house – La Monte Young + Marian Zazeela




art + tech + performance fest/conference/etc



Troy – performing art








ars electronica

brand. research, city stage ,region, kids

MIAN – elektra

digital art girona


zeitguised –

motion design

Jon Rafman –

post-internet, video art 那种, video sequence asembling > installation

画中画 叠印那种 形式

gathered images collections from google street view


Ei Wada –

exhibited vs performed sound lol


Molly Soda, All I have is my phone, 2016.

vs 梵高



Matty Mo –



Pablo Garcia + Addie Wagenknecht > Webcam Venus [NSFW]

“would you like to pose for me?”

digital labor


famous new media artist –

A Virtual Pregnancy Startup


Evan Roth
henhao!! swiping+scrolling gestures’ trace image


Julien Prévieux – What Shall We Do Next? – open source image editor (ps那种)
不能用它print 因为红蓝色被潘通版权保护了。

who owns gestures.

(anti)capitalism lol

Today is Great – 偷窥复制一个谷歌小部门的白板内容


Daan Roosegaarde

glowing nature



牛逼牛逼 反光材料 不费电。





Erwin Redl –


teamLab –


dan flavin – 用灯的爸爸

Robert Irwin – 另外一个爸爸

James Turrell – 爸爸的爸爸

灯光颜色 framing the world that we’re living. pure action 还行


anish kapoor – 云门作者大哥 & 黑洞


video sampling – most satifying/unsatifying videos – only for perfection


device art in japan

Ah – Kenta Watashima

ObOrO – Ryo Kishi

Ugly Dynamics- Nikita Diakur

Maywa Denki –

Joseph’s Machines- Joseph Herscher

Fischli & Weiss

Arthur Ganson

Inferno – Louis-Philippe Demers, Bill Vorn



Hito Steyerl


video sampling, manipulating sequences, sound

Christian Marclay- telephones (1995)

Crossfire (2007) – multi video projection – surrounding, immersion

the Clock (2010)

guitar drag (1999)


julian palacz

algorithmic search for love – interactive, sequences connected based on the audience’s search/typing


Nicolas Maigret

The Pirate Cinema

随机抽选在海盗湾上上传和下载的影片片段。most popular的选择,online, realtime, user selected/generated/… different kind of collaboration. machine, audience, user relation 太牛逼了。


Harun Farocki


Realflow, reassemble and recontextualize the video sample

split screen, inbetween cinema and video art stage


戈达尔会说的cinema is a matter of literature

video和text的detachment(3d animation)


consequence of digital innovation

Mike Figgis


用新的数字摄像机能拍多久排多久,四台相机 同时 四个角度不同的情境 在LA

split screen 》multi channel video installation

所以filmmaker如何控制观众的注意力在哪个屏幕上呢 – 通过sound。direct the audience


device art

Žilvinas Kempinas


ryota kuwakubo


trevor paglen作品的天空?

他先给看了透纳的画 还说戈达尔想要有透纳画出的那种天空




political engaged

她找很多那种不是机密 但很难找到的 东西

Taryn Simon


Nuclear Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility, Cherenkov Radiation Hanford Site, U.S. Department of Energy Southeastern Washington State, 2007

The Central Intelligence Agency, Art CIA Original Headquarters Building Langley, Virginia, 2007


thoma foundation filed trip 🙂


Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau

The Value of Art (2010)

this is the viewer that makes the art work (杜尚说的)


Jon Ippolito –

Joan Truckenbrod – The Paradoxical Object: Video Film Sculpture


Krzysztof Wodiczko

video projection!

Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection: Films, Videos and Installations from 1965 to 2005


Karl Sims –

Evolved Virtual Creatures, Evolution Simulation, 1994

artificial life, 达尔文lism, 牛逼在他早 1994年







Ian Cheng: Emissaries




Christian NoldBijlmer Euro



Surveillance Chess – !Mediengruppe Bitnik


Hiroaki Umeda


dana wyse


gregory chatonsky –

my life is an interactive fiction 2*

谢德庆 – 一年

Tehching Hsieh – one year performance

Roman Opałka

François Morellet

Manfred Mohr

Cellular automaton (?) Chris Langton Langton’s ant

sebastien lacomblez – CT_t


William Kentridge

Ed Atkins


Kyle Evans –!




William Basinski


Sam Taylor-Wood – Still Life

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin 夏尔丹 画过可爱蝠鲼

Mat Collishaw (YBAfosi young british artist)

Last Meal on Death Row


Poème Symphonique For 100 Metronomes – György Ligeti


Lauren Greenfield – Generation Wealth

Sofia Furio

Signe Pierce

John Yuyi

Alli Coates

Marc Tudisco

Marco Mori

Nicole Ruggiero

Arvida Byström

Mimi Choi

Dain Yoon

Maisie Cousins

Marius Sperlich

Lazy Mom –

Matt Grubb

Sandy Honig


martin parr

doug aitken – desert X

sonic fountain

Amy Franceschini –


white bouncy castle (1997) william forsythe, dana caspersen, joel ryan

The Fact of Matter

azc architechture studio – a bouncy bridge in paris

CJ Henry – roschach vurtural exhibition (2019)

Numen / For Use –

Tomás Saraceno –

On Space Time Foam –

Cloud cities (2011) –

David Medalla – Cloud Canyons (1964-2016)

Rintaro Hara – Projection Wall

Nicholas Hanna – bubble device

Marvin Minsky – Useless machine

Davide Moises (1973-), The Ultimate Machine nach Claude E. Shannon

Samuel St-Aubin

Antoine Terrieux –

En Plein Vol (création 2014)

AOI PRO – 3 sec cooking shrimp frying canon 2015 & super fried dumpling


Unbearable Infinite — AA ⎮ LA

Thom Kubli – Black Hole Horizon

Jean-Gabriel Périot – NIJUMAN NO BOREI (200000 PHANTOMS)

Keller Easterling


pre-cinema (?)

Gregory Barsamian

All Things Fall – 3D printed zoetrope by Mat Collishaw

Hans-Peter Feldmann


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